Safe and Transparent Investment Scheme

  • Switzerland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Australia
You open an account in a respectable and a licensed brokerage company regulated by government bodies
Your funds will be placed on a segregated account and protected by the state
Your individual account will be connected to a common investment pool and constitute a certain share in an investment portfolio
Fund manager will commit transactions in the financial markets for profit-making purpose (buy and sell assets)
Sell Buy
Profits and losses from all the transactions made in the fund’s account will be distributed among all the investors according to their shares
If the fund makes 1,000 USD, and your investment share accounts for 15%, you’ll receive $150 profit on your account 1000*0.15%=150
A portion of the earned profit (performance fee) will be paid out to the fund for successful management %
No long-term contracts – you may suspend your investments and withdraw your deposited funds at any moment
Fund manager has no direct access to your funds, and may not withdraw or misuse them
Monitor real-time performance of your investments
Our investment strategies
+14.57% Total growth
+4.1% Avg per month
294 Age (days)
65% Drawdown
+83.71% Total growth
+2.8% Avg per month
657 Age (days)
8% Drawdown